Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring 2012

Sure there are a few women out there who are interested in how exactly I healed my diastasis recti. All six of you, thank you for reading.

But I know the majority of the readers of this blog think that Denver is a cutie-pie and like to see new pictures of him.  I haven't uploaded many pictures the last few months, so here is a round-up of pictures from the Spring.

Some sweet, some sassy... Enjoy :)

not super bashful for the camera, is he? 

 Thinking hard about which color to choose

Isn't parenting glamorous? 

My enthusiastic eater 


 Play date at the park. All three boys wore the same shirt. Unplanned. That's what happens when your moms shop at Target! :)

Action shot of D trying to demolish something with a croquet mallet. I love this so much. 

His signature "cheese face" 

Another cheesy one 

Drinking an after-nap smoothie with after-nap hair

Our little water baby with Daddy in Destin

This kid took D's ball. The look on his face says it all. "I'm an only child. I don't like to... what's that word? Oh yes, share."

Got my ball back! Got my farmer's tan!

The Lord so richly blessed us with this beautiful boy.
Thank you Jesus.