Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer's Here

Me: Hey Denver, want to go swimming?

Denver: Why yes Mother, that sounds lovely.

Me: Great, Dear! I have these cool swim trunks and surfer shirt for you to wear.

Denver: Awesome! I will look so masculine and simultaneously be protected from suburn.

Me: Oh, I almost forgot! One more thing...

Denver: Of course Mom, anything for you.

Me: I need you to wear this baby blue sun-bonnet.

Denver: A what?!?!?! NNOOOOOOOO!!!!! GET. THIS. THING. OFFA ME!!!

Happy Summer to you all! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


To my husband...

Happy Father's Day!

Of all the things I could say or do, I feel that you said it best as an 11 year old...

"I'm shameless, when it comes to lovin' you..."

Thanks for loving me so well and taking care of our son.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Picky Eater

When Denver turned six months old I began introducing solid foods into his diet. For the first month he wouldn't eat anything. Then he began to have certain foods he would tolerate... sweet potato, applesauce, baby cereal, banana and sometimes carrots.

Now that he is nine months old and thinks he is a "big boy," he only wants to feed himself. He doesn't want me to feed him anything on a spoon, so now we are re-evaluating which foods are easy, healthy finger foods for a baby to eat when they only have two teeth.

In the mean time, he LOVES smoothies. This is a great solution for us because we can put lots of different healthy foods in it. The smoothie in this picture is full of berries, bananas, spinach and goat milk yogurt (for protein).

Cutest picture ever? Maybe.

Side note: the main source of nutrition for all babies during their first year of life should be milk. Denver still nurses at least four times every day, and is a very chunky baby, so we are in no way concerned about his eating habits. It just is what it is. And what it is makes for some pretty adorable moments of Denver with his Daddy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Lot Happens in Nine Months

Last August, I posted some pictures with this same title. My body had done a lot of changing over the course of nine months. Well, today Denver is nine months old, and he has certainly changed quite a bit as well.

Denver, week 1

Denver, 9 months

Right now, if Denver had a Facebook page, his "Interests" would be...

escaping the house through Fable's doggie door, playing outside, taking baths, trying to eat grass and rocks, crawling all over the place, taking glasses off people's faces, being with mommy, waving at everyone he sees, nursing, daddy getting home from work, waving at himself in the mirror, and being the cutest baby in the world

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Teething Necklace...Part 2

So a few months ago I introduced you all to the idea that my son would be wearing a necklace. He has worn his baltic amber teething necklace that we bought from Hip Green Baby on-and-off for a couple months now. I say "on-and-off" in order to be fair...I haven't been faithful about having him wear it all day every day, so that probably had an effect on his teething experience.

I told you that I would keep you updated on the progress with the necklace, and on our opinions on its effectiveness. I've actually had a number of people ask me how it has gone. So here are my thoughts:

  • Denver currently has two teeth (the bottom middle ones)
  • The week that those two teeth broke through the gums he was very moody. He constantly chewed on things and cried a lot. Some people have experienced almost no teething symptoms while thier child wears the necklace. This was not the case for Denver. However...
  • He hasn't had any sleepless or restless nights during teething! Hooray!
  • All in all, I think it is working. It is a difficult experiment to do correctly. Maybe Denver would've reacted the exact same without it. Who knows. But I choose to be a believer.
  • Would I recommend you buy one for your baby? Yes. I think it was a good investment. They are pretty inexpensive (we spent $22 for ours), and there is no risk involved. It is an all-natural way to help soothe teething pain, unlike some other remedies that have proven to be much more risky.
Here are the best pictures I've seen of Denver "Chompers" Hines with his new teeth: