Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Lot Happens in Nine Months

Last August, I posted some pictures with this same title. My body had done a lot of changing over the course of nine months. Well, today Denver is nine months old, and he has certainly changed quite a bit as well.

Denver, week 1

Denver, 9 months

Right now, if Denver had a Facebook page, his "Interests" would be...

escaping the house through Fable's doggie door, playing outside, taking baths, trying to eat grass and rocks, crawling all over the place, taking glasses off people's faces, being with mommy, waving at everyone he sees, nursing, daddy getting home from work, waving at himself in the mirror, and being the cutest baby in the world


  1. I love his 27 fat rolls in his arm! Haha, happy 9 months to Little D.

  2. Happy 9th month!!! Love your posts, too!!

  3. ahhhh i am just in love with him!!!!