Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer's Here

Me: Hey Denver, want to go swimming?

Denver: Why yes Mother, that sounds lovely.

Me: Great, Dear! I have these cool swim trunks and surfer shirt for you to wear.

Denver: Awesome! I will look so masculine and simultaneously be protected from suburn.

Me: Oh, I almost forgot! One more thing...

Denver: Of course Mom, anything for you.

Me: I need you to wear this baby blue sun-bonnet.

Denver: A what?!?!?! NNOOOOOOOO!!!!! GET. THIS. THING. OFFA ME!!!

Happy Summer to you all! :)


  1. Great dialogue. You and Stephen Spielberg should get together.
    Love you and miss you. Mom

  2. HA! amazing how you can read your baby's mind like that... you are the perfect mother. and what an understanding and respectful kid. he is precious, friend:)