Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Picky Eater

When Denver turned six months old I began introducing solid foods into his diet. For the first month he wouldn't eat anything. Then he began to have certain foods he would tolerate... sweet potato, applesauce, baby cereal, banana and sometimes carrots.

Now that he is nine months old and thinks he is a "big boy," he only wants to feed himself. He doesn't want me to feed him anything on a spoon, so now we are re-evaluating which foods are easy, healthy finger foods for a baby to eat when they only have two teeth.

In the mean time, he LOVES smoothies. This is a great solution for us because we can put lots of different healthy foods in it. The smoothie in this picture is full of berries, bananas, spinach and goat milk yogurt (for protein).

Cutest picture ever? Maybe.

Side note: the main source of nutrition for all babies during their first year of life should be milk. Denver still nurses at least four times every day, and is a very chunky baby, so we are in no way concerned about his eating habits. It just is what it is. And what it is makes for some pretty adorable moments of Denver with his Daddy.


  1. What a sweet SWEET picture! They do grow up so incredibly fast don't they? :(

  2. don't you just love father/son pics? so cute!