Saturday, August 28, 2010

A lot happens in nine months...

Isn't that crazy?! The first picture was taken on New Year's Day, the day after we found out we were pregnant. The second picture was taken today, August 28th. I'm just about 41 weeks pregnant. Obviously my clothes no longer fit, but I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes, so I just look foolish most of the time. :)

We'll be meeting this big baby any day now!


  1. I swear you're about as pregnant as it's possible for someone to be. =8^o

    Just asked a blessing on you and li'l poppet, for a quick, safe delivery. And soon.

  2. haha...that makes me laugh. Unbelievable!!!

  3. You do not look at all foolish. You look beautiful.

  4. I think you look cute. But kinda sad I didn't get my birthday baby.