Sunday, August 1, 2010

37 Weeks.... Almost there!

We officially reached week 37 of pregnancy! This is exciting because it means that the baby is now officially "full term." I can go into labor any time now, and the baby is no longer considered premature, however I do have three more weeks until my due date.
For the next three weeks, the baby continues to put on weight, and practices using its systems to prepare for life outside of the womb. The average baby at 37 weeks weighs about 6.5 pounds and is 19-20 inches long.
Austin and I are finally starting to feel more "ready" for the big day. We bought the car seat and practiced putting it in the car, the crib is assembled, and baby clothes have been washed. Next on my to-do list is packing my bag for the birth center (change of clothes, outfit for the baby, snacks, etc.)

Below are two pictures from our most recent sonogram (taken at 34 weeks). The sonographer said that everything looks great. The first one is a profile picture, and the second one is the baby with its mouth wide open (can you see the huge lips??)


  1. How exciting!! Penny Lane was born a 37 weeks... You could be close!

  2. it's going to have the infamous Hines' nose! how exciting!

  3. I love you, precious baby!
    -Aunt Colleen