Thursday, March 25, 2010


Thanks to my wonderful parents, Austin and I got to spend the last five days of spring break with my family in South Beach, Florida. It was the first time that my mom, dad, Colleen and Fes got to see me as a pregnant lady! (well, I was pregnant at Christmas, but I didn't know it then).

The vacation was filled with laying on the beach, swimming in the pool, playing "30 Seconds" (a fun board game), eating delicious food, going on long walks/runs, watching a lot of basketball, and telling vendors that we were not interested in henna tattoos.

Colleen is so certain that our baby is going to be a girl that she purchased a pink bib souvenir. She also commented, "So do you think I'll have a girl niece or a boy niece?"

Even with the Jayhawks' heartbreaking loss, we were still able to have fun our last night of the trip. My mom was of course in good spirits because she picked St. Mary's to go to the final four! My dad and Fes gave her a hard time, but she figured they have the Virgin Mary cheering for them, so they'd probably do well in the tournament. Pretty great.

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  1. SO fun! so glad you got to do this! And you look AMAZING! xo