Sunday, November 21, 2010


One of the most fun parts of pregnancy was brainstorming baby names. I would scour books and websites making sure I hadn't missed "the perfect name" for this baby. Austin found this particularly funny because he knew that it wouldn't matter what we actually named this child. There would probably be very few times that I would call the baby by his true name. Austin even went so far as to (jokingly) assert that he should be the one to name the child because I would never use it anyway.

He was right.

And here are some of the names you might hear me call my son on any given day... and please don't try to understand. I can't explain them, and you shouldn't try to either.

Sugar Bear
Big Man
Funky Winkerbean
JP Morgan
Mr. Baby Man
Mijo (pronounced mee-ho)
Bilbo Baggins

Here are some recent pictures of the Cutie Pie himself... at about two and a half months:


  1. oh my goodness, love the owl hat!

  2. I call him "Big D" and "Little D" and "D" and "Doctor Hines" and "Mr McGoo"

  3. i still call him baby denver...i'll probably cut that out when he's 18...