Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breastmilk Counts

Did you know that it's World Breastfeeding Week? That's right. A week dedicated to education, encouragement, and awareness for breastfeeding. I guess that makes it pretty good timing to tell y'all what we did on Wednesday of this week.

Austin, Denver, and I traveled down to Austin, TX so that I could give an interview for Breastmilk Counts, a website devoted to educating women about nursing their children.

It was such a neat experience. I actually got paid to do it (yay!), they also gave us per diem for gas, food, etc., (double yay!), and put our family in a really nice hotel right on the river in the middle of Austin (triple yay!).

I spoke to them about my experiences breastfeeding my son. I told them about the trials and joys that breastfeeding brings. I shared that the first month was very challenging, but it was absolutely worth it. And now, eleven months later, I am so glad that I persevered. Nursing Denver is some of the sweetest time that I have with him, and I'm so grateful that God created my body to nourish my son in that way.

My husband was gracious to take some pictures during the filming. Here are some of my favorites...

getting my makeup professionally done. legit.

this is the viewing monitor while we were filming.. of course Denver stole the show :)

After the shoot, Denver was a great little helper. He carried my scarf and water for me! :)

The ultimate goal in all of this was to encourage and educate young women to breastfeed their babies. I pray that my story will help to do that. When they put my vignette online, I will let everyone know.


  1. this is so awesome, caitlin! can't wait to see it.

  2. Looks like everything went well! Can't wait to see it!! God will use this for sure!!! Happy your husband took pictures, you both look great on & off the camera!!

  3. So cool!!!! Way to go, breastfeeding mama! (P.S. You made me even more excited about breastfeeding again.) :-)

  4. I'll be sure to share that website with the Nurses from Nurses for Newborns!

  5. When I moved to Texas many years ago, I was shocked at how unpopular breastfeeding was, and saddened to hear so many young mothers say "I tried it and it didn't work out for us...." because of that difficult first few weeks. Good for you for helping educate and encourage mothers. And good for all of you for enjoying a nice time in Austin!

  6. WOW! Look at you! You're officially a Celebrity Mom. At least that what I'm calling you now :) Make-up, a paid gig, AND they paid your travel expenses? Too cool. Can't wait to see the interview!

  7. I'm from Dallas, TX and was also a part of this shoot in Austin last week! We shot on Wednesday afternoon. I'm glad to hear you had a good time, as did I. I can't wait to see the final production! -Whitney