Sunday, September 11, 2011

Denver's First Birthday Fiesta

On September 7th, 2011, Denver Patrick Hines had his first birthday. We celebrated a few days later with some family and friends. Here are a few highlights...

Playing outside

Dudes chillin' on the back porch

Denver's friend Jason playing every toddler's favorite game... croquet.

I forgot to get a good picture of the cake or the food table. This is the best picture I have of both.

Ricky has his own muppet, "Marty." Ricky and Marty were great entertainment. Yes, our friends are the kinds of people with their own muppets.

Double Stuffed Oreos stuffed chocolate chip cookies :)

Of course the most important moment of a first birthday party... the eating of the cake. And it was a success!

Denver playing with his present from his KK and Papa (Austin's parents)

Balloons! :)

Family pic! I think Denver would rather be playing with his new toys than taking this picture.


  1. Best Birthday Fiesta in September, 2011!!!! Awesome pictures!!!!!

  2. thanks jen! i planned the party, austin planned the outfit :)

  3. So cute! Caitlin you look awesome! Love the new short hair :) Sweet family!

  4. Yay! Jase made the blog! :-) What a fun party. Thanks for inviting us! And those cookies were AWE-some... I may join pinterest JUST because of them! ;-)

  5. super cute! love the kabobs sticking out of the pineapple. i love keeping up with your family thru ur blog. denver is the cutest :)