Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fort Worth Flash Mob

Yes, I was in a flash mob.

And yes, it was like a month ago or something.*

I decided to go ahead and blog about it anyway because I've had a number of people comment on the video and have been wondering how it was organized, and how they can be part of one in the future.

Allow me to enlighten you... :)

I had so much fun preparing for this event. A few women began organizing the Flash Mob months before the actual performance. They sent facebook messages to their friends and asked if anyone would be interested in participating. I said YES (duh), so I was placed in a TOP SECRET facebook group, where they posted details for the big performance. These women choreographed the routine, then filmed themselves teaching the dance in segments. Over the course of about a week, they posted the segments onto this facebook group, and we all learned the dance in the comfort of our own homes.

Then, the day before the Flash Mob, they revealed exactly where it was going to be, and which direction we needed to face... all those sorts of details. It was so easy and really fun.

If you live in Ft. Worth and want to be part of the next Flash Mob they plan, you can stay up to date with everything by "liking" their new page on facebook.

*At this rate, I'll post a video of Denver walking in about six months...

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