Saturday, May 22, 2010

Double the Showers, Double the Fun!

Many people know that I am a Pre-K teacher. What many people may not know is that I teach at two different schools every day. I start my day at one campus, and then at lunch I drive to a different school and teach PM Pre-K there. This can often be very challenging: twice as many classrooms can often mean twice the work. I organize two sets of materials, coordinate with two different Pre-K teams, am responsible to two different administrations, etc. However, last week, I was verrry grateful to work at two schools, because I was given TWO showers! What a blessing! Austin and I were overwhelmed by the generosity of my friends from work. These are some of the pictures from my shower at West Elementary:

the adorable baby blanket that our secretary Janet made

my good friends who hosted the shower

the cake

a bouquet of white onesies!

And these are some pics from the Liberty Elementary shower.....

the women who hosted the shower :)

the cake (my good friend Gloria knew that our nursery is going to be forest themed, so she got us a forest cake!)

the diaper cake :)
Thanks to everyone who made my TWO work showers such successes. Austin and I appreciate you very very much.

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